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DANT 8005 

Preserving agent with fungicidal and bactericidial action.


Appearance :Dark brown, to brown liquid
Base :Combination of different disinfectants,free from phenol
Stability :Stable to alkalies, acids and chrome salts

DANT 8005 is to be used in all stages of leather processes to avoid mould.

Quantities to be applied :

0.1-0.2%   DANT 8005 to be added to the preserving pickle , (calculated on the pelt weight).
0.05-0.1% DANT 8005 to be added for the preserving of chrome leather , when short-term storage is required. Addition should be made one hour before the finish of the chrome tanning process.
For long term storage, it is advisable to add 0.05-0.2% DANT 8005 at the beginning of the chrome tanning and 0.1-0.3% DANT 8005 just one hour before finishing the chrome tanning process.
For preservation of wet blues, the leather is to be treated as follows :

Wash or rinse.
Discharge float.
50-100% water
0.1-0.3% DANT 8005 - drumming for 20 min
0.1-0.2% formic acid - drumming for 10 min
Discharge float without rinsing.

Re-curing of wet blues should be made , if wet blues have been stored beyond the originally estimated storage time or, if they are dispatched after a prolonged period of storage.
0.1-0.5 g/l DANT 8005 suitable for preservation of vegetable tanning liquors.