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Fields of application : Lubricant for spinning raw WO and dyed WO white and synthetic fibres and their blends
Composition : Ethoxylated fatty acid derivative
Appearance : Yellow liquid
Concentration : Approx 85%
Ionic state(at 20 °C) : Non-Ionic 
PH –value  : Approx. 6
Viscosity ( at 25 °C) : Approx. 180 mPa.s
Solubility : In cold water
Stability : Stable to hard water, acids and alkaline solutions in usual concentration
Washability : In water
Storage stability : Approx. 12 months after delivery , if stored in the original unopened drums under the stated conditions  
Storage conditions :Recommended storage temperature :+3°C to +35°C
 Resistant to frost
Packing : Drum , container 

Rissan 100 A imports to the fibre excellent antistatic properties. It produces a low dynamic and a high static fibre to fibre friction; The goods are given a slightly scroopy, dry handle.
Rissan 100 A is absolutely anticorrosive; on account of its low foaming properties it can be sprayed with water in any dilution ratio.
Rissan 100 A can be used on the backwasher or in package - dyeing machines as well as during spinning. This lubricant can also be used in continuous dyeing machines for PES tow.

Application :
The exact amounts of application depend (in the machine equipment and climatic conditions in the spinning mill and on the moisture content of the fibre to be spun. Therefore, the recommended amounts of application are only standard values which have to be adjusted from case to case.

1. In worsted spinning:

1.1. Lubrication in the combing section:

a) WO:           0.5-1.0 % Rissan 100 A

              approx 12.0 % Water

b) Synthetics:     0.3 -0.5 % Rissan 100 A

                     approx 6.0 % Water

1.2. Lubrication in the backwasher.

0.2 -0.4 % active matter Rissan 100 A

1.3. Lubrication on the drawing frame:

a) WO:           0.1 -0.3 % Rissan 100 A

                 approx 2-0 % Water

b) Synthetics:          0.1 -0.2 % Rissan 100 A
approx 1.0 % Water

2. In semi-worsted spinning:

a) WO:           0.4-0.8 % Rissan 100 A

                 approx 8.0 % Water

b) Synthetics:     0.3 -0.5 % Rissan 100 A

                     approx 5.0 % Water

3. In woollen spinning:

a) WO:           0.5-1.0 % Rissan 100 A

              approx 15.0 % Water

b) Synthetics:     0.4 -0.6 % Rissan 100 A

                     approx 6.0 % Water


Please find all the additional information on product properties pertaining to environmental protection as well as working safety on our separate standard safety data sheet.
data are derived from practical experience and can - due to different plant conditions - only serve as recommendations without any liability. Any exciting Industrial patent rights have to respected.