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Fields of application : Binder for pigment printing systems with and without white spirit Used in pigment pad dyeing
Composition : Self-crosslinking synthetic dispersion
Appearnce : White,slightly viscous dispersion
Ionic state : Anionic
PH value (10% solution) : Approx. 4
Solubility : In cold water by stirring
Stabilities : Good compatibility with anionic and non-ionic products stable to organic acids as well as to potential acid catalysts resp.To weak alkalis crosslinking only in acid medium)
Storage stability : Approx. 12 months after delivery , if stored in the original unopened drums under the stated conditions
Storage conditions : Recommended storage temperature : +3 C to +35 C

It raises the fastness level , e.g.  fastness to boiling , to dry- cleaning and to rubbing ( important in brush  washing processes ).
BINDER 9231 improves stability of fumishing fabrics to prolonged light exposure and confers a voluminous , soft  handle.


The quantities to  be applied vary between 60- 100 g/kg print paste resp. 40 60 g/l pigment pad liquor. Drying should be effected at temperatures exceeding 100 C .
In order to obtain optimum printing resp. dyeing effects with a high fastness level , curing is generally performed at 150 C for 5 min . At higher temperatures the curing time can be reduced as follows :

                                     At 160 C  to  4 min .
                                     At 170 C  to  3 min .
                                     At 180 C  to  2 min .
                                     At 190 C  to  1 min .


Please find all the additional information on product properties pertaining to environmental protection as well as working safety on our separate standard safety data sheet.

These data are derived from practical experience and can - due to different plant conditions - only serve as recommendations without any liability. Any existing Industrial patent rights have to be respected.