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Fields of application : Universal dispersing agent and protective colloid.
Composition : condensation product of aromatic sulphonic acid .
Appearance : Clear brown liquid .
Ionic  state : Anion active
Solubility : Easily soluble in cold water .
Stabilities : resistant to acids , alkalis , salt and hard water .
Storage life : Resistant to frost and tropical conditions . Below 5 C the product becomes solid ; at higher temperatures its liquid form is restored . 
Packing :Drum , container 


Dispers 110    is a universal dispersing agent with protective colloid properties  . It has no wetting or scouring effect and does not foam .
Dispers 110 is compalible with anionic and non ionic products .Its use with cationic Prouducts , especially in acid solutions will cause precipitations.
Dispres 110  is resistant to high temperatures . 


Disperse dyestuffs

During the  dyeing of polyester fibre with Dispers 110  under high temperature conditions, the colour remains highly dispersed during the whole Dyeing process. During cooling down of the dyebaths this product avoids aqqueqation of the unabsorbed dyestuff . Amounts to be used are  0.5 3 g/l Dispers 110. For fibre blends such as polyester / wool or polyester / cellulose Dispers 110 is  also used as a dispersing agent at a ratio of 0.5-2 g/l. Furthermore we are recommending 1 3 g/l TRANSFERIN DR for the dyeing of acetate, triacetate and polyamide fibres with disperse dyes. 

Vat dyestuffs
The `stability of the stock vat will be improved considerably by addition of 5  - 20 g/l Dispers 110     our prouduct should be added prior to the addition of caustic soda and hydrosulphitc.
TRANSFERRIN DR improves the stability of the baths significantly due to its excellent Dispersing effect. Precipitations of dyestuffs and filtrations are avoided by the use of 1 3 g/l Dispers 110.     As a levelling agent we recommended TABANOL NF  liquid.
During the vat acid method an application of 3 5 g/l Dispers 110 avoids the vat acid stains.During padding with vat dyes Dispers 110 is also used successfully as a dispersing agent and stabilizer in padding liquors and during the developing in the padder or in the jig by applying 2 5 g/l .

leucoester of vat duestuffs
As a dispersing agent for the one bath method we are recommending  1- 3 g/l . During the ammonnia acid method  ( blue IRC ) up to 8 g/l  Dispers 110 DI. In the two bath method 1- 3 g/l Dispers 110 . avoids precipitation  of separated dyestuffs In the developing bath .

Naphthol as dyestuffs
For the stabilizing or diazo baths 2 6 g/l Dispers 110   are used .  

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication , no warranty or liability will be accepted as the conditions of usage are beyond our control.
Our technical service department is always willing to assist customers in preparing formulae to suit their specific  requirements. Process information submitted by our customers will be treated in confidence.