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Fields of application

: product for the removal of oligomer residues from dyeing machines and fibres.
 Alkalizing accelerator for weight reduction of PES fibres (s- finish)


composition :Quatemary ammonium compound with special additives
Appearance : Brownish, clear liquid
Ionic state : Cationic 
PH-value (10 % solution ) : Approx. 7
Density (20 C ) : Approx. 1.0 g/cm3:
Viscosity (20 C) : Approx. 140m pays
Solubility : In cold water
Stabilities : Stable to hard water and alkalis up to 90 g/1 caustic soda
  The compatibility with anionic products has to be checked
Storage stability : Approx. 12 months after delivery, if stored in the original unopened drums under the stated conditions
Storage conditions : Recommended storage temperature:  +  3C to+ 35C
  Resistant to frost
Packing : Drum , container


OLIGOMERAN N used in alkaline liquors enhances a rapid and thorough hydrolysis resp.
solvolysis of PES Oligomers deposited in the dyeing machines and on the fibre. 
By adding suitable reduction agents additional  dyestuff residues are removed. This is supported by the excellent dispersing effect of OLIGOMERAN N.

Furthermore OLIGOMERAN N accelerates the discontinuous alkaline weight reduction of PES(S-finish).
Compared with the usual working methods without a catalyst, the amount of alkali, the treatment time and temperature can be reduced by using OLIGOMERAN N boiling off and in weight reduction. Used in reduction aftercleaning OLIGOMERAN N takes the surface oligomer saponification actually possible.


 Removal of oligomers from dyeing machines

 The dyeing machine to be cleaned is filled with water and the following is added:
                    2 3 g/l       OLIGOMERAN N
                    2 4 ml/l     Caustic soda solution  50%
                    1 2 g/l       REDUTEX RCN RCN
or                 1 2 g/l       Hydrosulphite conc. ( BASF)

then heated up to 135 C and treated for 20 40 min. If possible , drain immediately and rinse.
Otherwise, cool to approx. 90C , drain and rinse. On dyeing machines such as jets and overflows the  aditional use of a additional use of a CO back cloth has proved of advantage to increase the cleaning effect further.

Removal of oligomers from the goods

During the conventional alkaline reduction aftercleaning at 80 C OLIGOMERAN N help to saponify surface oligomers on the goods. On goods which are not too critical the sole use of OLIGOMERAN N generally sufficient to solve the oligomer problem by an alkaline reduction aftercleaning.
In case of problematic goods as regards oligomers it may, however, be necessary to carry out a subsequent finish (after rinsing and acidifying ) with oligomer binders, e.g. OLIGOMEX FP 52, OLG or 1166.under acid conditions.This produces a significant synergistic increase in effect. By this combined process excellent results regarding removal resp. minimizing of oligomers can be achieved without any further measures, even in very critical cases. Especially, if  OLIGOMEX OLG is used as oligomer binder.


Please find all the additional information on product properties pertaining to environmental protection as well as working safety on our separate standard safety data sheet.
data are derived from practical experience and can - due to different plant conditions - only serve as recommendations without any liability. Any exciting Industrial patent rights have to respected.