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SOAP 106


Fields of application : Basic component for the production of Washing, wetting and scouring agents to be used in the textile industry
Composition : Alkyl phenol polyglycol ether
Appearance : Coulorless  liquid
Ionic  state : Non ionic
Density ( 20 C ) : Approx . 1,1 g/cm3
Viscosity (20 C ) : Approx .340 m Pas
Storage stability : Approx . 12 months after delivery , if stored in the original  unopened drums under the stated conditions
Storage conditions :Recommended storage temperature +3 C to + 35 C
 Below 5
C   product gets turbid
 Stir well prior to sampling or use


Packing : Drum , container


Please find all the additional information on product properties pertaining to environmental protection as well as working safety on our separate standard safety data sheet.
data are derived from practical experience and can - due to different plant conditions - only serve as recommendations without any liability. Any exciting Industrial patent rights have to respected.