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Fields of application : Detergent for all types of fibre
Composition : Alkyl benzene sulphonate, fatty alcohol polyglycol ether
Appearance : Golden yellow  liquid
Ionic state : Anionic
Density (20 C) : Approx . 1,0 g/cm3
Viscosity ( 20 C) : Approx.550 m Pas
Solubility : Readily soluble in cold water
Stabilities : Stable to hard water , acids and alkalis in ususl concentrations
Storage stability : Approx. 12 months after delivery , if stored in the original
Storage conditions : Recommended storage temperature : +3C to+35C
Packing : Drum , container

-          Excellent detergent action

-          Very good emulsifying power and soil suspending properties

-          Effective over the entire temperature range

-          Easy to rinse

Use :

 The main fields of application of wetting agent 100 are the following :

-          Pretreatment of cellulosic fibres and their mixtures with synthetic fibres

-          Washing out of water soluble sizes

-          Aftersoaping of dyed and printed material

-          Washing out of synthetic sizes

-          Oxidative and reductive bleaching

Application :

Depending on type od goods , process and degree of soiling we recommend the following amounts :

Discontinuous washing and preteatment :
                0,5 2,0  g/l     Wetting agent 100

Continuous washing and pretreatment :
                2,0 3,0   g/l      Wetting agent 100


Please find all the additional information on product properties pertaining to environmental protection as well as working safety on our separate standard safety data sheet.
data are derived from practical experience and can - due to different plant conditions - only serve as recommendations without any liability. Any exciting Industrial patent rights have to respected.